About CBD Oil

All CBD Oils and products advertised herein by Naturally Pure UK are not in any shape or form advertised for sale as medicinal products.


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CBD OIL Food Supplements

Our CBD oils are derived from cannabis sativa, a legally produced substance. The form of cannabis we use for our CBD oils is industrial hemp; we do not sell cannabis (Cannabis Indica – Marijuana).

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The useful nutrient is extracted from hemp with a low content of THC and a higher content of CBD. This product is not intended to cure any disease. It is a food supplement and it should be taken likewise. Please consult your GP before taking any food supplements or if you feel that your treatment has side effects.

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About CBD Oil

What Should You Know About Your Cannabis Oil?

Many people talk about the new CBD (cannabinoids) oils online and in newspapers. While it is impossible to make claims such as CBD oils have effects on the endocannabinoid system, there are many studies suggesting CBD is a powerful food supplement. It is possible to take cannabis capsules or to vape cannabinoids, but the essential cannabis oil remains the prefered way of ingesting CBD for the majority of people buying this product.

Is the hemp really organic?

One of the principles CBD Cannabis Oils respects is that anything sold online is checked and tested for quality. When you put something in your body, you want to be sure you are not in danger. Buying cannabinoids products online mean to buy the cleanest cannabis extract possible.

Are your CBD products certified?

The purity of the product is vital when we are talking about CBD. Love Hemp (and therefore Naturally Pure) and Charlotte’s Web have analysis certificates proving the quality of their products. This way, you can take an informed decision about the CBD oil to buy online or in your local CBD shop.

Certificate of analysis Love Hemp™ CBD Oil 40%

What is the best way to process hemp?

Supercritical Extraction using CO2, is the highest performing method of gentle extraction of the full spectrum of cannabinoids from hemp, and especially CBD. It makes sure the final CBD product is pure, filled with all the useful cannabinoids and without any illegal substances.

What other Cannabinoids are found in CBD oils?

The list of substances contained in cannabis oils is long. Make sure those don’t interfere with the treatments you are following. Remember cannabinoid supplements are not designed to treat any disease.

Each one of the additives in the cannabinoids products we sell online is natural and has a specific goal: a better taste, better absorption, or an easier way to swallow.

Which is the best way to take cannabinoid extracts?

We believe in offering the best way to take cannabinoids online. Some of our customers prefer capsules, while others combine their enjoyable habit of vaping with cannabinoids.

There are CBD oils, crystals, flavourless capsules or even CBD vape additive solutions. We also recommend CBD water. We can satisfy any preference of our customers in terms of CBD supplements.

Crystals and CBD Water are obtained with nanotechnology. While the cannabinoid ingestion time is shortened, we don’t know so much about how it affects benefits. It is why we don’t sell cannabinoid crystals on our website. Feel free to call us in case you want to buy crystals anyway, as we can easily find them from our partners.

Nanotechnology increases bioavailability for sure. This technology also puts superior limits on the majority of vitamins and minerals. It is why we only recommend CBD vape additive in the UK.

Who are our providers?

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Oil has been known as a reputed manufacturer of CBD Oils in the United States. It is one of the first producers in the European and UK market as well. Their extraction process is one of the most efficient in the world. Charlotte’s Web CBD in the shape of oils and capsules are indeed an efficient way or taking cannabinoids.

Are you really selling the best cannabis oil in the UK?

We believe so, and the reviews made by CBD users are here to prove this statement. We know we sell the best CBD oil as we work directly with importers and manufacturers. All our products are tested twice and they have a batch number. Any CBD product can be identified and tested for quality y independent bodies.

We believe in the power of natural cannabis oils. We know it can be confusing for one to decide on the best cannabinoid oil. It is why we recommend you the latest information about cannabinoids, news about this new food supplement and resources for the people who want to understand it more. Cannabis oils are popular in other parts of the world where the laws are permissive. In the United Kingdom, medical marijuana is used to treat some diseases. CBD can help as a food supplement, especially if it is bought from trusted sources such as our CBD Cannabis Oil Shop Online.